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WATCH: ‘I want flames in my bedroom, Major 1!’ woman tells Bushiri during church service

The woman tells Bushiri that nothing has happened in her bedroom since she lost parts of her wedding ring.

Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri has been the talk of the social media streets again after the appearance of a clip from one of his deliverance services. In the video, Bushiri tells the woman from Botswana about her delayed promotion at work before moving on to her marital problems.

‘”I’m seeing some things about a ring,” he says to the woman who admits to having lost two parts of her ring.

He says: “When I was talking to her, God now has shown me something about a ring with you. There was a night when you were sleeping, as you were sleeping, a demon that I’m dealing with here, he’s a person, I’m seeing this ring being removed and where it has been put, you don’t even know. In fact, from that moment until today there is no affection between you and your husband,” to which she replies: “Oh Major 1, nothing!!”

“There is no fire, Major 1. I want fire in my bedroom. I want flames in my bedroom. I want flames in my bedroom. We’re sleeping together with my husband but nothing is happening, we’re like sister and brother!” she continues.

Bushiri tells her the cause of her marital problems is a demon, and further tells an excited congregation not to take the deliverance lightly.

“This is not a joke, why did God show me? When a demon has taken hold of your bedroom life as a husband and wife just know that demon has also taken hold of so many things in your life. Such a marriage, anything can happen anytime. At least I’m helping her because she’s saying she doesn’t want this problem, she wants deliverance because as a couple, they must live happily,” he concludes.

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But social media users were not impressed.

“Just imagine hearing your mom saying that in church,” said Twitter user @Tickleta, while @Ponkie007 said: “Finally, a comedy sketch that won’t get him into trouble like the previous ones.”

Watch the video below posted on Bushiri’s YouTube channel:

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