WATCH: ‘Ouma’ in a Jeep turns tables on hijackers by ramming their car

This is one granny you wouldn't want to mess with since she's definitely 'living without limits'.

In a video shared on Friday on Twitter, CCTV footage shows a Gauteng woman in a Jeep Grand Cherokee being followed into a yard by hijackers.

The attackers get out and try to gain access to the vehicle while pointing guns.

The timestamp on the video shows that the incident happened on Monday afternoon this week.

Instead of opening her doors, the woman prefers to take her chances by hitting reverse and slamming the smaller car behind her. The criminals then flee, while she continues to attempt to ram them.

Many on Twitter have hailed the woman as a hero (though most people seem to think it was a man). Others have said that it wasn’t advisable behaviour, even though the hijackers didn’t shoot. Some have suggested the criminals may have actually had toy guns.

In the clip, two women can be heard talking in Afrikaans, and it’s apparent that one of the women was the driver.

At one point, she rues the fact that she didn’t ram the other vehicle harder and didn’t keep on going. The other voice on the clip refers to the woman as her ‘Ouma’ (grandmother), and she also appeared to have been in the vehicle.

As Jeep likes to say: “Live Without Limits.”

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