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WATCH: Trump says friends come to Africa to ‘get rich’, hails country called ‘Nambia’

Twitter has concluded the American president and 'baba kaDuduzane' are in the same WhatsApp group.

US President Donald Trump delivered his first speech as president at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, and Africans were not impressed with what he had to say about their continent.

Taking to the podium, Trump said to a room full of African leaders that he saw in them partners who would work with him to promote prosperity and peace on economic, humanitarian and security issues. He further said he was looking forward to extending economic partnerships that would create jobs in Africa and the United States.

The president then went on to talk about business opportunities in Africa, in what he thought was a positive speech.

However, Africans are not happy, and they have taken to social media to voice their anger.

Trump said: “Africa has tremendous business potential, I have so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich. I congratulate you, they’re spending a lot of money. But it does, it has tremendous business potential and representing huge amounts of different markets for American firms, and it’s really become a place that they have to go, that they want to go.”

He then went on to thank African leaders who were at the gathering, including leaders of Code d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea and Namibia. This is where he hit the final nail on the coffin after he pronounced Namibia as “Nambia”, only to continue talking about “Ambia’s” health system that he said was increasingly self-sufficient.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter:

“Translation: I have so many friends going to rape and pillage Africa of its resources and exploiting its people for their own gain.”

“So his friends get rich..uhuh…and does Africa profit from his ‘friends’ getting rich as well? #impeachtrump.”

“I congratulate you for allowing my friends to exploit your people and loot your coffers.”

“The guy is an embarrassment to the whole world!”


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