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By Narissa Subramoney

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WATCH: Woman runs off with decapitated cow head after truck crash

It gets weirder: The incident was caught on camera by a traffic official chasing her - if only to catch the craziness on camera.

An unidentified woman has netizens divided over our love for meat and the perverse yet prevailing culture of looting.

The woman was caught laughing as she is caught on camera (by a traffic cop, but more on that later) stealing a dead cow’s head from a truck accident scene in Gauteng on the N4.

According to Talk Radio 702, the truck was carrying cow carcasses when it crashed.

WATCH: Cow head ‘looted’

Although, another video shared on social media has led to speculation that the cows were alive when they were being transported.

After the crash, however, the nearby community members rushed to the scene to slaughter the injured animals, making off with the meat.

The video with the unidentified woman plays out like a badly written apocalypse movie fuelled by mad cow affliction.

The woman appears obviously thrilled with her loot and she jubilantly clears the cattle-induced pandemonium with the animal’s head, its eyes eerily rolled into the back of its sockets, tongue hanging from the side of its slightly ajar mouth, tucked firmly under her arms.

A traffic officer on the scene gives chase, but only to catch the woman’s getaway on camera.

Divide reaction

While community members on the scene may have viewed the truck accidents as an opportunity to get their hands on some meat for the week, the manner in which they descended on the befallen vehicle has been viewed as perverse; even cruel.

The unabashed pillaging of an accident scene and alleged maiming of cattle has raised ire among animal lovers and disgusted viewers who viewed the communities actions as perverse and inhumane.

“I’m so disgusted by this scene, we live in a country where the lives of animals and people mean zero!” said one user.

“Hyena’s come to mind,” said another.

Meanwhile, others said the community did nothing wrong because beef is an unaffordable source of protein in poorer communities.

Warning: The video below contains graphic scenes

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