Why Mbalula won’t confirm or deny Malema’s ‘NW premier suggestion’

Leaked nudes that could cause Mbalula to 'regret the day he was born' may still keep the elections head up at night.

Leaked nudes may be the reason the ANC’s head of elections, Fikile Mbalula, appears to be dancing to Julius Malema’s beat. On Tuesday,  Malema responded to a tweet from Mbalula wishing his followers good morning by asking how “the North West premier candidate” was doing.

The tweet, which appears to be an inside joke between the two politicians, sparked conversation suggesting the EFF leader may know something about Mbalula the country doesn’t. Mbalula, without confirming or denying Malema’s hunch, urged Malema to have some breakfast before speculating.

Mbalula’s next comment, however, appears to jokingly suggest that Malema has something on him. Loosely translated, Mbalula says “death by the guessing games of Malema. Let me keep quiet before he threatens to leak my nudes.”

In case you missed it, in April, Malema threatened to share pics of Mbalula pics that would make him regret the day he was born.

Despite social media pleading with Malema to leak the unseen pics of Mbalula for entertainment, Malema is yet to leak the images.

Mbalula was apparently left with egg on his face after joking with the EFF leader, who did not seem amused.

Malema’s previous threat appeared to stop Mbalula dead in his tracks. He even questioned why the EFF leader couldn’t take a joke.

It seems Malema got one back on Mbalula today with his joke about the possibility of him ending up as North West premier.

Tuesday’s twitter match between Malema and Mbalula follows the ANC releasing the names of their premier candidates. The party left out North West, which led to speculation as to who will lead the embattled province.

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