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Wierzycka gets slated for wrong Sharpeville Massacre pic

Tweeps have slammed the businesswoman for her ‘poor’ knowledge of South African history.

Billionaire businesswoman, Magda Wierzycka, has caught the ire of Twitter users again after she caused uproar at the weekend for suggesting that more domestic workers and gardeners were needed to deal with unemployment in the country.

This time the Sygnia CEO tweeted on Wednesday morning the iconic photo of a dying Hector Pieterson in the 1976 Soweto uprising to remember the victims of the Sharpeville Massacre.

The commemoration of Human Rights Day originates from the tragic Sharpeville Massacre that took place on 21 March 1960 when 69 people were killed by the apartheid police during a peaceful protest march.



Tweeps have criticised Wierzycka over the tweet and her knowledge of South African history.

Wierzycka has, however,  apologised and said the historic image of Hector Pieterson had always represented massacres that happened in the country under the apartheid regime.

On Saturday, Wierzycka pledged R200 000 towards job creation as a peace offering for her controversial tweet on jobs.

Wierzycka tweeted: “I often get asked‚ how can I help SA? Our biggest challenge = job creation. A thought: let every household employ just 1 more cleaning lady or gardener. Just 1. I know it’s a financial sacrifice. But we all need to sacrifice if we are to save SA. Imagine the impact.”

The tweet, which she later deleted, led to uproar with the platform’s users slamming her for her suggestion that many thought wasn’t sensitive to black people.




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