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Woman blasts fiancé online over ‘cheap’ R22k engagement ring

Social media users have slammed the woman for being a 'gold digger' and forgetting what is important in a relationship.

An anonymous woman’s post on MumsNet, in which she complains about the engagement ring her fiancé bought her, has gone viral.

The woman said though she was excited when her man popped the question, she was disappointed when she saw the ring, saying the first word that came to her mind was “small”.

She didn’t like the colour of the gold, the setting and the small stone, saying he could have done better since he earned a six-figure salary. The man paid $1 674 (R22 000) for it, but the woman said he could have afforded to spend a little more on it.

Read her full complaint below:

“DP proposed and presented me with the ring he’d chosen – a diamond solitaire in white gold. I was so happy and excited to accept but was disappointed when I first saw the ring. The first word that entered my head was ‘small’.

“There’s nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it’s the whole thing – the colour of the gold, the setting, the small stone and relatively chunky shoulders.

“His salary is nearing a 6 figure sum, and he’s usually very generous. Having seen the receipt I know he paid $1,674  for it – which is a lot less than I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewelry.

“He’ll be more disappointed in me for making a fuss over it when, in his eyes, it fits, and there’s nothing actually wrong with it rather than being disappointed that I’m not truly happy with it.

“Someone at work apparently told him that ‘if she makes it all about the ring, then she’s not the girl for you’.

“Ideally I would have loved for us to have chosen a ring together and made a special day finding one we both liked.

“As it’s something I’ll be wearing every day and is such a special piece of jewelry I wanted to really love it, and I just don’t.

“Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?”

Her complaint has divided social media users, with some calling her a gold digger, while some said she was within her rights to complain, provided her man earned a lot of money.

These were some of the comments on social media:

“I see her point. He makes bank but decided to go cheap for something important like an engagement ring. And even if he did spend hella money on it she may not have liked the style,which is perfectly fine and she should have discussed it with him and talked about changing and upgrading it. What i don’t agree with is publicly putting your SO on blast on FB. So immature and childish.”

“Promising yourself to someone forever has nothing to do with a fucking ring. What the hell did you work hard to get him? Even if it was a plastic ugly ring, or some hand-made flower ring, it should have the same value cause it came from him.”

“My husband proposed to me with a handmade ring and card and I couldn’t have been happier because the man I love wants to spend the rest of his life with my psycho ass its just stuff and stuff could be replaced, people can’t be.”

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