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By Narissa Subramoney

Deputy digital news editor

Steve Hofmeyr thinks Disney wants kids to have sex with animals

Hofmeyr also thinks Disney cares what he thinks.

South African singer Steve Hofmeyr has come under fire from the LGBTQ+ community after claiming in a now-deleted video that the acronym includes and promotes bestiality.

Hofmeyr, who is no stranger to controversy, responded to Disney’s announcement that it would include more LGBQT+ and racial minorities in leading roles in the future.

President of Disney’s General Entertainment Content Karey Burke said that as the “mother of two queer children,” she would like to see at least 50% representation of LGBTQIA and racial minorities in lead roles.

Disney’s move to be more inclusive hasn’t been well received by conservatives, with some saying they wouldn’t support children’s programmes containing themes of homosexuality and gender fluidity.

Hofmeyr has been branded as a racist and transphobe, so his comments come as no shock to his critics.

“While my generation learned to speak to mice, ducks and dogs, our children will be taught how to have sex with mice, ducks and dogs,” said Hofmeyr.

“You think it’s weird, but let me tell you why I’m saying this. Those relationships with animals are part of that ‘+’ at the end of the LGBTQ; that includes those kinds of relationships with animals,” he said.

He also warned Disney against ‘testing’ parents.

Hofmeyr’s wildly inaccurate and triggering statements are in line with long-standing conspiracy theories that the LGBTQ+ community’s ultimate aim is to promote the acceptance of paedophilia and/or bestiality.

Even more horrifying, were fans in the comments section who thanked the singer for ‘educating’ them on what the ‘+’ stands for.

The ‘+’ in LGBTQ+

The + is meant to reflect the broad diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations.

In 2019, Hofmeyr criticised South African-born actress Charlize Theron’s decision to accept her daughter’s transgender identity.

Hofmeyr’s video has since been deleted, but he stands by his original comments.

In a subsequent text post on Facebook, in which Hofmeyr mocks a non-binary person who slammed his post, the singer wrote:

“One person, someone who probably doesn’t have children, complains that my opinion of LGBTQ+ infiltration at Disney is wrong. But he/she/it/sir/zir also doesn’t help me right. To me, his non-binary status is actually irrelevant. But that it includes paedophiles and ‘animal lovers’ gives him ZERO authority over my children. I don’t know why he doesn’t know it. Millions of parents worldwide already agree. Don’t ‘groom’ our children for your thrills. Goodbye, Disney.”

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