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By Karabo Motsiri Mokoena

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WATCH: Dad spends hours unlocking bathroom door after kids shut it with ironing board

Homeschooling and working from home is clearly becoming an extreme sport for parents, with some needing to use a ladder to access their bathrooms.

For many parents, the lockdown experience has been like no other. School holidays are one thing, but never-ending days filled with childish havoc can be the bane of any parent’s life.

This is the case for The Citizen’s own Lyle Kruger, who found himself spending hours trying to ‘unlock’ his en-suite bathroom door to no avail.

Why was his bathroom door locked, you might ask.

Well, Lyle’s two children Luciano Davids, 10, and five-year-old Luke Kruger, managed to vertically drop the ironing board to the bathroom, making it impossible for anyone to come in. They managed to escape just before it closed. Meaning, they were both anticipating the havoc.

Lyle was relentless, but after attempting to open the door for hours, he eventually had to get a ladder to access his bathroom door on the second floor from the outside.

Lyle shares that “in hindsight, I should never have put the ironing board there”.

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