WATCH: Pupils caught trainsurfing in KZN

Their schoolmates were hanging out of the carriages and shouting encouragement to them.

A quick reaction by a Warner Beach resident in KwaZulu-Natal led them to catch schoolchildren “surfing” the Metrorail trains on camera.

Trainsurfing, which is also known as train hopping or train hitching, is when people hitch a ride on the outside of a moving train, tram or another rail transport to avoid paying the fare.

The high school children in Peter Bond’s footage, though, seem to be doing it for fun or to impress peers.

Peter was at a local pub on Monday, January 23, when he was surprised to see schoolchildren standing on top of the train’s roof and surfing.

“Their schoolmates were hanging out of the carriages and shouting encouragement to them,” said Peter.

“I’ve seen them do it before and dance on the roof, but fortunately this time I was quick enough to grab my cellphone and film them doing it.”

The train was travelling slowly from Warner Beach station towards Winklespruit at about 3.30pm.

The highly dangerous craze was first started in places such as India, where carriages are overcrowded to cram in more passengers. In about 2006, it spread to townships like Soweto and across the country, but this is the first recorded evidence that has surfaced of it being practised in Toti.

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), which is responsible for most passenger rail services in the country, said their security would deal with the matter as soon as possible.

Prasa spokersperson Zama Nomnganga said: “Prasa is not aware of any activity of this nature at the moment. It used to happen in previous years.”

“It has reduced drastically after safety campaigns were done at schools.

“It is happening in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but not much now, as security is watching for this behaviour, ” she said.

“This is like throwing yourself in front of a moving train. It is suicidal, and a person can be burnt beyond recognition and die.”

She said safety campaigns were done continuously in schools.

– Caxton News Service

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