WATCH: The joys of having cheeky girl toddlers

Even without coherent words, this little one has a lot to say.

After being found guilty for playing around with the dog’s food, Lily was ready with a loud and sassy defense.

When her mom repeatedly tells her that “you touched Jude’s food”, Lily responds with a loud “no” and proceeds to defend herself, but the only thing we can hear is “food”.

Lily was caught in the act of playing around with Jude’s food, but she is convinced that it did not happen and will fight tooth and nail to convince both her mom and dad that they did not see properly.

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This family has some exciting times ahead of them.

Further sassiness is displayed in shorter videos of toddlers giving their parents instructions to not poop, to give them privacy and to not be too loud.

Watch the full video here:

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