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Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla rants at journalist in foul-mouthed Twitter tirade

Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla hurled insults at investigative journalist Pauli van Wyk on Twitter.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, has lashed out at an investigative journalist, spewing expletives at the reporter for a story that she had written about Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

Zuma-Sambudla hurled the insults at Daily Maverick and Scorpio investigative journalist Pauli van Wyk on Twitter on Wednesday.


Van Wyk asked a question on Twitter which drew massive reaction from followers, including Zuma-Sambudla.

“Did Che & Fidel also (like Malema) steal vulnerable people’s money from a bank (VBS), laundered it through fronts (Mahuna), spent the stolen funds on a lodge (Mekete) + other things & then got their things (turntable) at that lodge stolen by other thieves following their example?,” she tweeted.

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Malema and VBS

Van Wyk wrote three stories around EFF leader Julius Malema and the VBS Mutual Bank corruption saga.

These include: ‘Cruising nicely’ on VBS: EFF’s Parties, Lies and Looted Money; VBS Theft, Money Laundering & Life’s Little Luxuries: Julius Malema’s time of spending dangerously and Defrauding Parliament: NPA’s deadliest low-hanging fruit.

In the stories, Van Wyk writes that in 2019, “Malema refused to answer Scorpio’s questions, became abusive and threatening in his behaviour, and denied links to Mekete Lodge”.

“Him casually mentioning how property was stolen at the lodge now – if we could not deduct it from the criminal money flows at the time – confirm his firm involvement with the managerial issues and assets of Mekete Lodge. His tweet about Mekete Lodge makes context around the ownership and VBS money flowing to it very relevant.

“Especially because the Hawks and NPA seem to sit on their hands in this case,” Van Wyk wrote.

Duduzile Zuma rant

However, Zuma’s daughter did not take kindly to the post and lambasted the reporter with some unsavoury language.

“Bitch!!! Shut your racist mouth!!! Leave our black people out [of] your MF mouth!!! You must talk about how De Klerk killed our people. Talk about the Steinhoff corruption. Talk about how white mine owners exploit our people. Talk about how your people stole our land,” Zuma-Sambudla tweeted.


Speaking to The Citizen, Van Wyk said she was unfazed by Zuma’s comments.

“Creating a discussion about past and current crimes or injustices do not negate the criminal behaviour of our favourites. Uncouth behaviour has never earned respect. These are two lessons Duduzile Zuma is yet to learn,” she said.

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