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Redesigning your home? Consult the experts!

Getting the job done right from scratch is crucial, which is why the HDf team go the extra mile in ensuring clients are happy with designs prior to ordering materials.

Home is where the heart is, they say, but after spending years in the same home that heart could use some sprucing up to bring back the sense of comfort you once enjoyed.

But updating it in line with modern home trends, and creating a space you look forward to being in is a difficult task, best left for experts such as Umhlanga-based HDf Interior Design and Architecture Group.

“Finding the right designer is key,” said project manager, Tanya Joel, who breaks down the design process from scratch for us on how everything works when you want to get one of their teams involved.

“It starts off with a visit to your home, where a detailed brief of your needs, measurements, photographs and other bits of information are recorded.

“Up next we have the design process, presentation and costing, which sees clients receive detailed design proposals which may include 2D and 3D drawings and renders, physical samples like the materials which could be used, among many others,” Tanya said.

HDf also creates mood boards which are shown to clients so they can see and feel the materials which would be used when redesigning their homes.

“This all helps clients to be able to better visualise the proposed end-product.

“Putting together the design concept involves a great deal of work. Our designers also use special software to draw up accurate plans of the space for planning purposes.”

“This helps them take into consideration the function and flow of each individual space, and how these relate to other spaces in your home. This process may also determine how furniture should be designed for each space, taking function, size and placement into account.

“We often find clients struggle to see the completed design in their heads. This is where our 3D renders are exceptionally helpful.”

Once the client is happy, work begins on creating the new dream home with the interior and architecture group working closely with a team of trusted suppliers, manufacturers and contractors.

Tanya noted that in South Africa businesses such as theirs are heavily dependent on imports. The global pandemic had a marked effect on readily available materials and fabrics.

A 3D render of a home design.

“Though frustrating, this has benefitted local businesses that keep stock of imported products and they have therefore become the industry’s preferred suppliers. In the same way, businesses that manufacture locally from locally sourced materials will naturally also benefit in the current climate.”

“Once ordered and in production, the design and materials cannot be changed. It is very important to us that clients fully understand what they will be getting so they can approve and sign off on the design before the next phase begins,” Tanya concluded.

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