Healthy summer treats for your canine companion

Keep your pooch happy, healthy and entertained with these cool summer snacks.

Forget store-bought treats that are often filled with unhealthy ingredients and opt for these effortless, fruity. fishy or meaty frozen treats that your dog will love.  

Something meaty

Which pup doesn’t go wild for viennas? Take this go-to favourite to the next level, by popping it in the freezer. Fill up an ice cube tray halfway with water and pop in small pieces of vienna. Place in the freezer until frozen and watch them lick and crunch their way through the refreshing ice to get to the highly-desirable vienna centre. Don’t have any viennas? Take some leftover, cooked chicken, or just whip up a cup of low-sodium, highly diluted chicken both, and blend it up with carrots. Pour into an ice tray, freeze and voila.

Frozen fishyness

Give your dog an Omega-3 boost that will be great for his skin and coat by spoiling him with a frozen sardine treat. If your freezer is on the full side, just blend up the whole sardine and pop into the ice tray for convenient, bite-size snacks. Besides also acting as an anti-inflammatory and being great for the brain, sardines are also a safe option for dogs who are prone to food allergies. Bonus!

Fruity and fabulous

Mash or puree bananas and add a bit of low-sodium peanut butter to the mix for a healthy, utterly delicious cold bite that will keep them busy for a while. You can also freeze chunks of watermelon, blueberries or apples.

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