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A ‘meaty’ charity effort

"Being temporarily blind for a week opened my eyes to the difficulties of living with a disability. We would like to nominate the following businesses to 'pay it forward' and help a local charity of their choice"

Doing its bit for charity, a local butchery donated 10 kilograms of chicken to Nil Desperandum last Friday.

However, Thea van Tonder and Reneé de Witt from Mega Meats decided a mere donation was simply not enough to assist the physically handicapped.

In an attempt to raise awareness, they wanted to familiarise themselves with the plight of the disabled.

“Firstly, we want to make it clear we are not making fun of disabled people. We simply want to see what it feels like in an hour, what they feel in a lifetime,” Ms van Tonder explained.

After spending an hour in a wheelchair at work, Ms de Witt discovered it was not easy to be paraplegic, especially at work. Joining Miss de Witt in her awareness campaign at work, was Gert Mostert who attempted to cut meat blindfolded, a rather daunting feat.

“Homes such as Nil Desperandum don’t get enough funding, and it is sad. We would really like to see people becoming more involved,” Miss de Witt said.

Ms van Tonder agreed the public should be more cognisant of and accommodating to the physically disabled. “We would really like to see this spread.”

The Mega Meats has challenged Majuba Glass and Aluminium, Fruit and Veg, as well as Fed Auto to rise to the dawn of a new challenge.

Link to local charities and NPOs in Newcastle



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