Update: Ladysmith under complete siege, with all roads in and out of town now effectively blocked by taxi protest

Traffic is at a standstill at the moment and the town is effectively under siege.

Ladysmith is completely cut off from the outside world, as taxi drivers have strategically blocked all major intersections into town. This includes the N11 at the Helpmekaar robots, Pieters, Ezakheni, Steadville, Bergville, New Protea and Colenso roads.

Vehicles trying to come in and out of town are backed up for kilometres in each direction.

Police and Public Safety are on scene, and waiting for reinforcements.

Traffic is at a standstill at the moment and the town is effectively under siege.

According to the drivers, a special task team made up of RTI and Department of Transport, law enforcement officials known as ‘Operation Shanela’ confiscated and impounded numerous taxis operated without permits in Ezakheni and other areas.

According to the drivers, they have been fined between R10,000 and R20,000 before the vehicles can be released.

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Drivers blocked off the road to Ezakheni at the Pieters turn-off, at the Limit Hill robots and now also in Steadville.

Motorists are warned to stay clear.

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