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An incredible coincidence resulted in a family finding their daughter 17 years after she was kidnapped

* 11 signs that your relationship isn’t working and it’s time to let go. 1. Your partner doesn’t read minds. 2. They don’t text back immediately. 3. You find other people attractive. 4. You like spending some nights alone. 5. They don’t always invite you to hang out with their friends. 6. They have friends of the opposite sex. 7. They forgot the anniversary of your first kiss. 8. When you guys talk about the future, their vision of it isn’t the same as yours. 9. You did a quiz in a magazine and it told you it wasn’t working. 10. You took a quiz in another magazine and it told you it wasn’t working. 11. You’re reading this list.

* An incredible coincidence resulted in a family finding their daughter 17 years after she was kidnapped. She was taken from her mother when she was just three days old in April 1997. Her biological sister started Grade 8 at the same school the 17-year-old attends and other pupils noticed the striking resemblance between the two.

After the two sisters struck up a friendship, her biological family invited the matric pupil over for coffee and, after seeing the likeness themselves, contacted police.

A DNA test confirmed the girl’s identity. A 50-year-old woman was arrested by the Hawks at her home. She will appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court later this week. The arrested woman and her husband have no other children.

* At midnight on Tuesday, the price of all grades of petrol increased following months of relief for motorists. The petrol price rose by 96c a litre. The price of diesel increased by 74c a litre and the price of illuminating paraffin by 98c a litre. South Africa’s tax take from the pump price of petrol and diesel was at 28%, which was modest by global standards. After a hefty 80.5c a litre hike by Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, the tax jumps into line with that of First World countries at 41%. The net effect of the added fuel tax is a staggering R17-bn extra that motorists will cough up this year. It jacks up the government’s share of what South Africans pay at the pump from R3.30 to R4.13 a litre. Treasury has obfuscated the true impact. The fuel tax hike has been packaged as a two-pronged hit – 30.5c a litre in the “general fuel levy” and a further 50c a litre to shore up the Road Accident Fund which, Nene says, is almost R100-bn in deficit. The cash cow is being milked dry!

* Did you know? 2.7% (188,000) of South Africa’s taxpayers pay a third of the total personal income tax that flows into the Treasury. They are a tiny portion of SA’s 8.4 million registered taxpayers. 17 million South Africans are now on social welfare. That’s the reality of South Africa today.

* Many moons ago, one of my favourite TV series was Star Trek. I was saddened to hear that a favourite character of millions, Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy), died last Friday. He died at his Los Angeles home after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Known for suppressing his emotions and using strict logic to guide his actions, Spock became one of the best-known and most beloved sci-fi characters of the late 20th century. Beam him up, Scotty!

* During his State Of The Province address, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu said R434.5 million was recovered by the Asset Forfeiture Unit between January and December 2014. “We have all structures and campaigns in place to deal with the matter of fraud and corruption, and we have to step up our enforcement processes to ensure that perpetrators are exposed,” he said. R100-m had been recovered since the start of 2015, he added. Bravo!

* Unscrupulous butchers are still mincing beef and selling it as mutton mince. Shoppers, especially Hindus, need to be on the alert!

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