Alex Japho Matlala
3 minute read
18 Mar 2020
3:33 pm

Moria pilgrimage postponed, but ZCC members didn’t get the memo

Alex Japho Matlala

The Zion Christian Church may have postponed their annual Easter pilgrimage to Moria, but this message has yet to reach some followers, who say they take orders only from their church leaders, and not the president.

An aerial shot of Moria during a ZCC Easter pilgrimage. Majority of ZCC church goers. Photo: Ivan Muller Photography

The annual ZCC pilgrimage to Moria might have been cancelled this year because of the outbreak of Coronavirus, but for some people in Limpopo, devoted church members and vendors from surrounding villages, who depend on the event to make a living, they will continue planning until they are told otherwise by leaders of the church. This was the sentiment of many ZCC church members and street vendors in Limpopo, who until this day are waiting with bated breath to hear from their leaders, Bishops Barabanas and Angenas Lekganyane, about the church's official stand on the annual Easter pilgrimage, expected to...