Rorisang Kgosana
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24 Jan 2021
10:34 am

Biko lives on through Prof Joel Modiri

Rorisang Kgosana

By reminding the world just how important the work of Biko remains in our current society, and applying it to the world of modern jurisprudence, Joel Modiri earned himself a professorship at the tender age of 29.

Dr Joel Modiri. Picture: Supplied

A young man's research on how Steve Biko’s black consciousness ideas are still relevant to justice, law, and social ordering, has propelled him to the highest rank in academia, making him the youngest person to hold the title of professor at the University of Pretoria. Dr Joel Modiri, 29, was among a group of successful candidates who were promoted to associate professor as of this month, making him the youngest professor at UP Law and the entire university. To cap things off, he is also the acting head of the department of jurisprudence, where he had initially started as a...