Terence Corrigan
6 minute read
28 Jan 2021
3:03 pm

Expropriation without compensation in SA: Are we repeating the mistakes of the past decade?

Terence Corrigan

What South Africa does on EWC will determine its future. If it continues on the current track, it will have affirmed its decline.

Sihle Ngobese, 'Big Daddy Liberty', from the Institute of Race Relations can be seen at the Union Buildings to hand over documents with names of over 160,000 South Africans opposed to expropriation without compensation pon 17 April 2019. Picture: Jacques Nelles

South Africa’s economy has not fared well over the past decade. Between years of indifferent, declining growth, stubbornly persistent unemployment and a steadily worsening fiscal position, and the sudden, knockout blow delivered by the pandemic and the lockdown meant to contain it, the country and its people have seen the varying manifestations of an economic crisis. Optimists might argue that, with this context, things can only improve. Indeed, the pandemic was seen by some as a blessing in disguise; inflicting such damage that the government would have no choice but to accept the need for "reform". It would provide President...