Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
16 Feb 2021
3:24 pm

Sandra Prinsloo talks new play Khamphoer

Hein Kaiser

The play, about Susan Nell, is based on true events during the Anglo Boer War.

War is an awful event in anyone’s life – and the atrocities that are often paired with it equally as stomach-churning. In a new play, Khamphoer, die verhaal van Susan Nell (Camp Whore, the Story of Susan Nell) doyen of South African theatre Sandra Prinsloo takes on the role of a young woman interned in a concentration camp who is first raped by two officers of the crown and a joiner, then left for dead. Sixteen years later, after qualifying as a psychiatric nurse, Nell recognises a patient as one of the  perpetrators of her agony. It’s a powerful story....