Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
2 minute read
5 Mar 2021
5:19 am

365 days of Covid-19: Before herd immunity, doctors warn of third wave

Brian Sokutu

Dr Gilles van Cutsem has warned that the country could experience more waves of Covid-19 outbreaks 'as long as the majority of the population is not vaccinated'.

Healthcare workers conduct tests for the coronavirus in Stjwetla, Alexandra, after a case of Covid-19 was found there soon after the outbreak in South Africa. Picture: Neil McCartney

As South Africa today marks a year since the first case of coronavirus was detected, doctors at the coalface of the pandemic have urged people not to be complacent. On 5 March, 2020, a coronavirus-free South Africa was plunged into a state of panic when a 38-year-old man from Hilton, near Pietermaritzburg, returning from a holiday in Italy with his wife, tested positive. At the time, over 2 500 cases and 79 deaths were reported in Italy, where the man and his party – among a group of 10 tourists – had spent their holiday. Urging South Africans not to...