Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
21 May 2021
2:51 pm

Yeah, burning stuff is cool, but have strikers tried really demanding respect?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

SA's annual strike seasons and other protests would be much more effective if our protestors really knew their worth and used their collective strength better.

Picture: EPA-EFE/Kim Ludbrook

Cool, so some people went on the rampage, burned some stuff  and to appease them, the government did some stuff so it can go back to normal for a few months. It seems like this sequence of events is the norm now: get angry, make demands, cause some arbitrary damage and get a quick temporary fix. This doesn’t sit well with me. But, of course, before we carry on and I get accused of being the middle class white boy trying to tell others how to express their pain and anger, this is not what this is about. Really, this...