Thelma Louise
Specialist Motoring Reporter
3 minute read
30 Jul 2021
8:23 am

WHAT SHE SAID: In the Audi S8, size certainly matters

Thelma Louise

To be honest, this stupidly fast piece of machinery from Ingolstadt is too much car for one girl to handle.

S8 is the sole derivative of A8 offered in South Africa.

It is said that size doesn’t matter, but when you are driving an Audi S8, size most certainly matters ladies. In fact, this car is all about size, and power of course. Which I love! The Audi S8 is not the kind of car I would normally find myself reviewing, but when the opportunity to spend a few days with this impressive ride came around, I jumped at the opportunity. Why not? Variety is the spice of life. I mean just look at the numbers. 420 kW of power and a full 800 Nm of silky-smooth torque from the 4.0-litre...