Marizka Coetzer
4 minute read
25 Sep 2021
6:05 am

At home with Carl Niehaus

Marizka Coetzer

The ANC's recent most outspoken internal critic has vowed he will never leave the ANC and doesn't believe the party can 'ban' him.

Suspended ANC member Carl Niehaus says he will not be silenced. Pictures: Neil McCartney

The man in the grey pinstripe suit doesn’t look like a firebrand revolutionary who has so disturbed the ruling party that it has given him the boot. He looks like a businessman or, possibly, even the dominee he once wanted to be. Ironically – and though he would probably be most offended at the suggestion – the older Carl Niehaus gets, and the more he wears conservative suits, the more he looks like he could be an Afrikaner politician from the “old days”. Perhaps it’s the thick glasses... At his Rosebank apartment, art pieces and photos of his children, himself,...