Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
13 Oct 2021
8:00 am

Jeep Wrangler keen to tame urban and outdoor jungles

Mark Jones

Feel good factor remains but the Wrangler is at its happiest off-road with low range engaged.

Sahara slots-in below the hardcore Rubicon.

Recently we were offered a Jeep Wrangler to drive. A little bit out of the norm, myself and our digital motoring guru, Charl Bosch, shared the driving duties as he had never driven one before. And neither could I remember how long ago it was that I had driven one. As I stood there looking at our two-door Wrangler test car, I couldn’t help but think nothing had changed for 2021, and I was half right. As before, the roof and doors can be removed and the windscreen lowered. This is the updated, latest, JL Wrangler money can buy in...