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16 Nov 2021
6:15 am

OPINION: It’s selfish to call on Miss SA to put her dreams on hold

Citizen Reporter

Israel has been made the scapegoat that is to bear the guilt of all that is wrong in the life of Palestinians.

Miss South Africa 2021 top 3. Left: Zimi Mabunzi, middle: Lalela Mswane and Dr Morate Masima. Picture: Instagram @official_misssa

''Black women are tired of fighting other people’s battles and getting nothing in return.” This was the profound comment made by a radio caller recently. The host and callers were debating the appropriateness of Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant in Israel later this year. A few weeks earlier, another woman of colour, former Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, lent her voice in defence of Mswane when she censured Mandla Mandela for his call for Mswane to put her dreams on hold so she could support his personal vendetta against Israel. As Idan said: “How dare...