John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
4 Jul 2022
6:08 pm

FLOYD ON F1: Explaining the halo that helped Zhou Guanyu cheat death

John Floyd

Despite not initially accepted by all motorsport enthusiasts, the halo has become a crucial life-saver.

F1's halo has turned out to be major life-saver. Picture: Getty Images

Anyone watching the British Grand Prix at Silverstone would have witnessed the miraculous escape of young Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu. His Alfa Romeo was launched into the air, before dropping to the ground and barrel rolling numerous times towards the barrier, which the car cleared and was ultimately brought to rest by the catch fence. The multiple car collision occurred just after the start as the field funnelled into Abbey, the fast right hand sweep. Chaos ensued in the mid-field, requiring a red flag situation, due to the severity of accident and possible injury to Zhou after multiple rolls. ALSO...