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Traditional healer’s concoction helps addicts on road to recovery

The herbal mix she uses has never failed her, said Nathalia Masubelele.

MOKOPANE – Nathalia Masubelele is a 19-year-old traditional healer from Mokopane who helps nyaope addicts beat their addiction.

Masubelele makes use of seven traditional herbs to help addicts quit and she said that her concoction has never failed. She has been practising as a traditional healer since the beginning of the year and has since taken the opportunity to help addicts in her community fight their addiction.

“I saw how nyaope was destroying the youth in my community and I knew I had to do something about it. It broke my heart to see so many young people with potential, lose themselves to this drug, that’s why I put the mixture together,” she explained.

Masubelele added that the mixture should be taken at 08:00, before breakfast, and again at 17:00, before dinner. She has since helped 16 addicts quit and the longest clean streak has been for five months. “It brings me joy because some of them are now working, they have become productive members of society,” she said.

She explained that she got the mixture of herbs from her gobela (trainer) when she went to initiation school.  “I know most people are sceptical of traditional herbs because they think anything that has got to do with traditional healers is witchcraft, but I challenge people to go back to their roots as our great grandparents have been using the herbs and they survived,” she added.

Masubelele urges people to try it before they knock it because she believes that it works better than western medicine.


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