Acrobats from 24 Seven make their coach proud

The gymnastics and trampoline teams have achieved excellent results in recent competitions.

The talented dancers of the 24 Seven Gymnastics and Trampoline Club have made their coach, Luitha Roux, beam with pride after achieving excellent results at the recent Wildflames Acro Competition that took place on June 8.

Jaydene Smith, Ava Geldenhuys, Anica Snyman and Neimre Coetzer competed in the competition for the various age groups, and their outstanding performances yielded good results, with each of them taking home a bronze medal.

Founder and Protea Coach Luitha expressed her extreme pride in her students, stating that their success is a testament to their passion, dedication and rigorous training hours.

Additionally, two other level nine acrobatic students, Elandri Dippenaar and Lia Coetzee, also dominated the Gymfinity Acro Competition that was held on May 25, with Elandri winning silver and Lia taking home gold.

“It is Lia’s first year in acro, and she is competing in four routines on level nine. What a fantastic achievement,” Luitha said.

The 24 Seven team has been competing for a decade now, and they’ve done exceptionally well in solidifying their national and international reputation with their impressive results and strong legacy in the sport.

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