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Hino adds value to its ownership experience

“We at Hino South Africa are continuously looking at ways to enhance the ownership experience for our customers, in line with Hino Motors Limited’s international strategy of total support for the operators of our products,” explained Pieter Klerck, general manager of Hino SA.

“We first re-evaluated our pre-2018 service and maintenance programmes. Next, we conducted extensive investigations into the after-sales product offerings of our competitors and the expectations of our customers to ensure we ticked all the boxes with our new products. We believe that Standard Bank Fleet, which is a digitally driven organisation, is the ideal partner,” added Klerck.

Furthermore, Standard Bank Fleet’s head of OEM and alliances, Linda Khambule explained that the new digital business platform allows for “innovation which caters for the evolving needs of customers in these changing times”.

“For instance, the programmes can be bought upfront by a customer and financed with the truck, or they can be based on a cost per kilometre covered each month. Another option is that the customer can be billed for the average distance covered, with the programmes being restructured if the distance is less or greater than the expected average,” said Khambule.

The new programmes are all digitally managed in real-time. “From Hino’s side, the new service and maintenance systems are fully integrated into the Toyota-One portal, which connects our dealers and the Hino head office, making the operation seamless,” said Klerck.

“Currently the programmes are available to buyers of new Hino trucks in South Africa and are being rolled out into neighbouring countries within the next few months. There are plans to extend the offering in the future to include used Hino trucks with a full-service history and will subsequently lead to a Hino-backed buy-back programme,” said Klerck.

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