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Lawbreakers beware

Local CPF is hitting the ground running in 2016.

THE Bluff Community Policing Forum (CPF) is hoping to see new, existing and amended laws enforced in 2016, with a focus on bringing lawbreakers to task.

“We enter the 2016 year with the amendment of the Liquor Bill – drinking in public being the most debatable by-law – which eliminates the grey areas. Consuming alcohol in public carries a fine of R2,500 and/or arrest,” said CPF chairman, Carl Knauff.

An area of much concern over the years for the CPF and on that continues to be a plight is problem buildings.

‘To provide for the identification, control, and rehabilitation of problem buildings; to create offences and penalties; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.’

“This is the opening statement of the by-law adopted by council on 24 June 2015 covering problem buildings. These include neglected, abandoned or overcrowded buildings or those not safe for occupation. A good example is a building in Hilltop Road that is now under investigation in applying this new act.”

Knauff said the CPF received many complaints about noise disturbances in which SAPS or Metro Police officers were called in to assist.

“Noise disturbance or annoyance includes loud music, shooting firecrackers (Explosives Act) and motor noises to name a few. This carries a R1,000 fine. Failing to abide by the investigating officer’s instruction may cost the offender a further R5,000 and/or the sound equipment may be confiscated.”

Another area of concern for the CPF is the mistreatment of animals.

“Injuring any animal, either by stoning or shooting with the intent to injure, inclusive of birds, carries a fine of R2,500. One can assume that the neglect of or injuring pets with intent can be added to this list.”

On a positive note, Knauff is impressed with the police activities over the festive season and applauds the action of officers.

Those who did manage to visit our beaches during the past holiday season might have seen a higher visibility of Metro Police and SAPS members. SAPS also made manned horses available to patrol the beaches, Marine Drive, and Sloane Road. SAPS also employed the services of some recruits patrolling mainly the shopping centres. We extend our appreciation to cluster commander, Brigadier Nankumaar for assisting in making this extra work force available. The CPF and Bluff community extend our thanks to the Metro Police in assisting in operating the boom gate. This year was a 100% better in comparison to the previous year,” said Knauff.

The first monthly CPF meeting is on Tuesday, 9 February at 6.30pm in the Brighton Beach SAPS boardroom.

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