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Weather report: Sunny weekend ahead

It's the perfect weather to take the family out and enjoy time together.

Despite the chilly, icy winter-like weather we all experienced this week, the weekend is expected to be warmer.

According to www.accuweather.com Saturday will be sunny and bright at 23 degrees with zero percent chance of rain. It will be a bit cooler at night with the weather dropping to 16 degrees.  Sunday will also be a great day for a walk in the park or outdoor activities with reports of a sunny to partly cloudy; a pleasant day with temperatures at  24 degrees during the day and dropping to 18 degrees at night.

It’s perfect weather this weekend to take the family out and enjoy time together, either at the park or at a restaurant.

If you are going outdoors, make sure you are protected: 

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Wear sunscreen even if there are clouds, the rays of the sun can still be harmful.



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