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Workshop empowers parents with drug-addicted children

A workshop was held for parents of children who are addicted to drugs in Wentworth by Tabitha Community Care Services.

TABITHA Community Care Services conducted an essential workshop for parents of addicted children at the Blue Roof Life Spaces in Wentworth on May 25.

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The event focused on providing parents with the coping mechanisms, skills and knowledge necessary to better support both their children and themselves.

Organised and facilitated by Marvin Rall, an HIV lay counsellor and peer educator, the workshop featured a diverse panel of speakers who offered unique insights and expertise. Rall highlighted that Nic Kruyshaar, an experienced drug counsellor, discussed the stages of substance addiction and the warning signs to be aware of.

Bridgette Elliot, a psycho-social counsellor, explored the psychological impacts of living with a drug-addicted child. Sr Renette Roskruge-Wilkins, a medical professional, addressed the concept of enabling and provided medical perspectives on substance abuse.

Additionally, HIV lay counsellors, Lee-Sandra Boyce and Sarah Jullie, emphasised the link between drug abuse and the increased risk of HIV and STDs. Meryl Isaacs, a recovering addict and volunteer at the centre, shared her compelling testimony.

The workshop covered a wide range of critical topics, including understanding substance abuse, recognising warning signs, the progression of addiction, the emotional impact on families, recovery strategies and personal experiences from parents.

The event also highlighted the free services available to those struggling with addiction in the broader Durban South community. Attendees enjoyed breakfast and lunch and received souvenirs with messages of hope.

Rall noted the success of the event, emphasising the emotional engagement and connections formed between parents and speakers during the question-and-answer session. “The workshop was a resounding success, leaving a lasting message of hope for all who attended,” he said.

“Parents left with new coping mechanisms, valuable skills and knowledge about the services available through Tabitha Community Care Services.”

The workshop served as a crucial platform for parents to share their experiences, learn from experts and support each other. For more information on the free services provided, community members are encouraged to contact Tabitha Community Care Services at 067 075 4163.

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