Nurture Montclair’s emerging young talent

I am appealing to the teachers of Montclair if someone would take initiative and have a talent competition

EDITOR – I was privileged to be invited and watch Montclair Senior Primary School’s concert which was held on Thursday, 28 September.

I was very impressed with the young children showing their talent.

It was amazing and unbelievable.

I congratulate the teachers of Montclair who have taken the time to show us parents how capable our children are.

I appeal to the teachers of Montclair to take initiative and host a talent competition including all schools around Montclair. It will be a great festival and we will see different talents.

We have the likes of Sdumo Mtshali from Montclair who can be invited and can assist in these talents. Maybe something big will come one day from these little stars that we have around our beautiful Montclair.


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