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Chad Bell takes watchless time trial winnings

Time trials are held on Thursday evenings at 5.45pm.

BLUFF Athletics Club time trial results from last week:

4.7km run: Eustace Yatema 18.53, Tyrone Whitfield 19.30, Johan Meintjies 21.53, Tony West 22.31, Robert Lagane 22.45, Cedric de Beer 23.35, Ricky Nieuwenhuis 23.36 (personal best), Bill Hogg 23.45, Shaun Nieuwenhuis 24.02, Debbie Stringer 24.03 (personal best), Kirsty Goodwin 24.05 (personal best), Greg Fergusson 24.10, Kevin Adams 24.30, Chad Bell 26.25, Lindsay Kapp 26.53 (personal best), Tracy Dettmer 26.53, Chantal Visser 27.02, Denise Johansen 27.04 (personal best), Flippie Nieuwenhuis 27.40, Jared Ferguson 28.42, John Schoefield 29.01, John Mommen 29.05, Golden Mohlokonya 29.19, Jerome H-McMillan 29.43, Colleen Young 29.59, Cherise Muller 31.10, Tina Nell 31.11, Paulos Shoba 33.43, Jenny van Blommestin 37.30

4.7km walk: John Swanepoel 36.27 (personal best), Cheryl Moore 40.10

Speedwork training is done at 6pm on Tuesday evenings at Anstey’s Beach.

Time trials are held on Thursday evenings at 5.45pm starting at the Fynnland Combined Sports Club, Smith Street.

The long training run on Saturday mornings start at the entrance to the military base at 5am.

Members and non members are welcome to participate in all.

For more information or news on events, contact Glenys Winter on 073-879-5033, go to www.bluffac.co.za or www.facebook.com/bluffac

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