Chin up, smile and accept the fuel price moods

Data suggest that the stronger rand is creating a slight buffer against higher increases.

The Central Energy Fund predicts an increase in the petrol price of between 97c/litre and R1.09c/litre for December. Diesel may decrease by as much as 43c/litre and paraffin will increase by 30c/litre. These are just suggestions though, so hold your breath.

“With these expected increases to petrol, the price of a litre of 95ULP, for instance, will climb to just under R24/litre, which will be way below the high of R26.74/litre seen in July, but which will still be higher than September, October and November prices. The decrease to diesel is, of course, welcome, and should, at least, not immediately negatively impact other prices reliant on diesel as an input cost. Of course, the increase to illuminating paraffin remains a concern as it will affect the poor most,” said the AA.

The AA implored motorists to ensure that their vehicles, caravan and trailers are serviced and in a roadworthy condition to ensure a safe and emergency free holiday season.

Source: AA

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