Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
3 minute read
26 Jan 2020
9:06 am

Sorry Lucas, availability for drug tests is part of the job

Wesley Botton

It's a harsh rule, but catching cheats is certainly much more important than bending long-established rules.

Wesley Botton.

Though it hasn’t yet broken the back of a South African athlete’s career, missing drug tests is becoming nearly as common among elite stars as positive test results. And though it by no means suggests an athlete is actually doping, missed tests place enough question marks over them that they are rather severely punished by authorities. If they miss three tests in 12 months, athletes are slapped with a two-year ban. ALSO READ: SA wheelchair tennis champion Lucas Sithole banned It’s a tough rule, but it has to be strictly implemented. It was revealed this week that former US Open wheelchair tennis...