Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
3 minute read
9 Feb 2020
7:50 am

Schoeman will now be ‘one of those guys’

Wesley Botton

Whether he bounces back from this ban or not, his one-year ban for a doping offence is going to leave a very ugly mark on his career.

Wesley Botton.

For some athletes, a career packed with success can be ripped away in a moment, and years of good memories can be scratched and replaced by one bad move. For all he achieved after spending 14 years in the cut-throat National Basketball Association league, Lamar Odom will best be remembered for his post-career exploits. Former gridiron running back Ray Rice was also considered a hotshot on the field, but his temper at home was his ultimate downfall. Another American, swimmer Ryan Lochte, did enough to keep his head afloat through most of his career, but not even his Olympic gold...