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Komphela opens up about struggles he faced at Swallows

"But the struggles we went through at Swallows are so…I have never seen some of the struggles I saw,” said Komphela.

Former Moroka Swallows FC coach Steve Komphela has highlighted some of the struggles he faced at the club.

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Speaking to Andile Ncube during Metro FM’s Sports Night Amplified with Andile, Komphela revealed how he found himself complaining almost every day due to some basic stuff that were not met by staff members at the club.

Komphela, who was careful in his answers not to care off potential employer, says at some point, he questioned himself on whether the team manager at the club was not doing his job on purpose, adding that he even felt bad for the players because he was always trying to correct the wrongs at the team.

“Imagine coming in platforms like this and saying such (talking about problems at your former club), it reflects badly on me as a coach. It is not only people who are interested in the Swallows story, my next boss is listening to me and saying oh goodness me. If I hire this guy the level of confidentiality is…But the struggles we went through at Swallows are so…I have never seen some of the struggles I saw,” said Komphela.

“I am talking about front-desk stuff, basic stuff that needs to be delivered. If you put a guy in a position and say manage a team, but he is not capable or efficient enough, then you have to find a way to remove them. But if you don’t remove them, they are there and they continue in their way of doing things that are anti-progress. Then you ask yourself, is this guy deliberately doing this or not? Because at some point, there is obedience and there is malicious obedience.

“There was a stage when we were at a pre-training meeting and I said ‘guys, I feel so bad that every day I come here, I am always fighting, moaning, and groaning to get things right. I am sure you guys (players) are saying you have never come across a coach who complains like this’.”

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Komphela also revealed how he had to do a pre-match meeting at a gym in Stellenbosch because the team manager didn’t do his job properly.

Elasto Kapowezha, Swallows’ general manager, is doubling up as the team manager at the club.

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