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31 Jan 2020
8:12 am

WATCH: Dog spectacularly catches Frisbee from 76m at American Football game!

Sport Staff

Yet, incredibly, Ernie the dog's feat is nowhere near the world record held by a greyhound named Eurie.

Ernie's triumphant moment. Photo: Screengrab.

With much of the USA entranced by the build-up to this weekend’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, it’s not surprising that gridiron has been in the news prominently.

In keeping with the hype, a video has gone viral of a dog named Ernie spectacularly running 76m to catch a Frisbee.

The stadium announcer at the AAF game featuring the Orlando Apollos claimed the skillful canine’s feat was a world record, but that has subsequently been debunked.

Nonetheless, you can’t argue about the skill shown!

Following Ernie’s showstopping, the true world record was tracked down to a greyhound named Eurie, who caught a Frisbee throw of 112m!

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