Tribute to former president Nelson Mandela: The people’s champion

The sacrifices of SA's International Icon is an act too difficult to emulate.

We feel for the Mandela family who paid a heavy price for their role in the struggle for a just cause.

Mr. Mandela’s decisive leadership, pragmatism and wisdom are reflected through his choice for a negotiated settlement, fostering reconciliation and power sharing through the initiation of the Government of National Unity.

The sadness experienced by all South Africans is genuine tears of love, respect and admiration.

We are grateful that he was the leader to usher democracy in South Africa and restore the dignity of all South Africans.

South Africa inherits a rich Legacy which demands all South Africans to reflect, redress the past and present imbalances and move forward together in unity to bring about a peaceful, safe, prosperous and stable country.

We owe it to Tata Madiba, our children and grandchildren.


Former mayor of Springs – 1995; former member of parliment; chairman of Springs Muslim School.

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