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8 Jun 2017
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Five reasons to try barre 180 class

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It doesn’t require any previous dance experience and is great for both males and famales.

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If you’re looking for a way to tone up, feel lighter on your feet and build muscle without bulking up, then it’s time to hit the barre.

Ceri Hannan, Virgin Active’s national product development manager, says: “Barre 180 was developed to offer a truly holistic approach to body shaping, leaving you feeling 10 feet tall.

“It provides stability and support, allowing you to maximise the conditioning benefits of ballet, yoga, Pilates and functional fitness combined into one body-challenging workout.”

Created by Jane Nicholls, UK-based multi-award winning fitness expert, Barre 180 is a full body workout for both males or females that doesn’t require any ballet experience.

You don’t have to don a tutu and prance around on tippy toes to feel the burn.

Virgin Active’s Barre 180 is taught by professional barre instructors who are constantly refreshing their techniques and routines.


1. It’s a little bit of everything Barre 180 offers a combination of ballet-inspired workouts, yoga, Pilates and functional fitness training. The special combination of exercises mean that you’ll leave a class feeling like your whole body has had a workout.

2. You’ll feel it in multiple areas Most of the class takes place on a barre (sometimes members will use a portable barre) that’s designed to build flexible strength in the legs, hips, core and upper body. You’ll start to feel the burn in your thighs when doing Barre 180 and, for an extra challenge, there are jumps, twists and turns for a unique cardio workout.

3. Two left feet? No problem Barre 180 requires no previous dance experience or skill. The ballet component is only there to influence the type of exercises done and in the use of the barre.

4. No expensive clothing needed You don’t need any specific equipment or clothing to do a Barre 180 class. Leave your shoes at home as the class can be done barefoot, or in socks.

5. Mind-body connection On top of improving posture, core strength and flexibility, Barre 180 also offers increasing awareness of your body because of the focus on small movements. During the 45 to 60m class, you’ll be tuning into your body and tuning out stress.


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