Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
27 Aug 2021
4:44 pm

Nostalgic flashbacks highlight the beauty of railway travel

Brendan Seery

Having done the Blue Train, I do think a trip on Rovos Rail to Victoria Falls one day would also be memorable writes Brendan Seery.

Travelling by train. Picture: Brendan Seery

When I was a kid growing up in what is now Zimbabwe, we were (by order of both parents) a tea-drinking family. Occasionally, we did venture to brew a cup of Frisco but, with its heavy chicory component, it was, to be kind, not real coffee. The first time I encountered real coffee was the dark, strong, heavily sweetened variety, served steaming in a cup monogrammed with the Rhodesia Railways emblem. The arrival of that wondrous drink was announced by the rattle, in the train compartment’s outside lock, of the attendant’s key. Travelling by train. Picture: Brendan Seery That sound...