Your essential guide on what to pack for the Durban July

There are some items you just cannot travel without this weekend.

With the Hollywoodbets Durban July steadily approaching, it is important for everyone who will be attending to make sure they have all the essentials needed for a comfortable weekend of events and activities.

Here is a list of essential items you should buy and pack, as well as tips and tricks to ensure that nothing gets in your way of having the time of your life.

Keep good hygiene

Hand sanitiser, face masks, and wet wipes

Although the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, this does not mean that the coronavirus ceased to exist.

Keep your hand sanitisers on you at all times, so you can frequently sanitise your hands to ensure that you are not infecting yourself with any viruses or fast spreading sicknesses.

Also remember to keep a face mask on you in case some of the venues and events which you are planning to attend still require you to wear your masks in indoor settings.

There is also a water shortage in Durban, which means that some venues might be short on water.

Keep a packet of fresh wet wipes on you at all times, to ensure that when you do need to wipe your hands or freshen your face, you can make use of your wipes.

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Hygiene wet wipes. Picture: iStock

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Stay connected

Portable power bank

Because you will be out of the house or your accommodation throughout the weekend to attend the various events that will be taking place, your electronics may run low, leaving you disconnected.

Depending on the loadshedding schedule, many venues and events may also not have power this weekend, meaning you may not be able to charge your electronics wherever you are.

The best way to beat these problems is to travel with a fully charged power bank to charge your smaller devices, and ensure that you stay connected throughout the Durban July weekend.

Make sure you are aware of the loadshedding schedule for the area you are, in so you know when to prepare and charge your devices fully.

Upon arrival at events, ask if there are any sections allocated for people to charge their own electronics, or for people to be able to either hire portable power banks to charge their electronics.

power bank
Fully charged power bank. Picture: iStock

Safety first

Share your trips

It is always a good idea to travel in larger groups.

If you are heading to Durban July alone and are planning to meet up with your loved ones at certain events, then it is important for you to share your live location or Uber/Bolt trips with your friends or family so they know where you are at all times.

Pepper spray, taser, or whistle

Keep pepper spray or a taser on you as well, in case of an emergency or any incident where you may find yourself in danger and have to protect yourself.

You should also consider keeping a whistle on you at all times to alert others around you should you be in danger and need help.

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Close up of pepper spray in a woman’s hand. Picture: iStock

Beauty on tap

If you have dedicated the Durban July to showcasing your makeup skills, remember all the beauty products you will need.

If you do not want to take your entire makeup kit, only pack the beauty essentials that have more than one purpose when it comes to doing your makeup.

Dry shampoo and hair clips

Since Eskom has implemented a load shedding schedule that might be running throughout the weekend, this can get tricky when it comes to washing and styling your own hair.

You should consider styling your hair before heading to the Durban July, in a look that can last the whole weekend without having to change it or redo it.

You should also keep dry shampoo handy in case your hair needs a quick refresher, and keep hair clips in your bag at all times to hold down any loose hairs or fly-aways that could make your hairstyle look tacky.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow on a beautiful girl. Picture: iStock

Stay stylish and warm

The Durban July gives fashionistas the chance to showcase their style, classy wardrobes, and elegant outfits by putting their best fashion foot forward at the main events, while sticking to this years theme which is “Show Me The Honey”.

Since the weekendu-long event is always held in winter, it is advisable to keep in mind that your choice of outfits should not only be based on looks, but also on the weather.

Jackets, coats, shawls

Try packing jackets and coats which go well with your outfits in case of heavy winds or rain.

If you do not want to cover your show stopper outfits at all with any jackets or coats, then consider carrying a stylish shawl or poncho that compliments your outfits well.


A neat trick to keep your legs warm and shielded when wearing dresses or skirts is to wear sheer stockings that are the same colour as your skin, which will give off the appearance that you are not wearing any stockings at all.


Also consider wearing closed toe heels and boots throughout the weekend, to keep your feet slightly warmer and protected from the harsh winter winds.

Women wearing elegant dresses. Picture: iStock

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