Seven tips to help you master the art of effective spring cleaning

It’s time to sweep out winter and welcome in the fresh feeling of spring into your home with a deep clean in all the right places.

Take your spring cleaning routine to the next level with these handy tips from AMKA homecare brands:

  1. Windows: Once the windy season is over, give your windows a thorough clean, removing all that dust that makes your house look dark and dirty.
  2. Bins: Give your garbage bins a good scrub down to get rid of all the germs that have been building up over winter. Take your bins outside and wash them with warm water mixed with Chemico Liqui Cleen with 3X extreme clean and Actibeads. Leave them out in the sunlight to dry thoroughly before bringing them back inside.
  3. Check underneath: You might think it’s enough to clean the floor or rug underneath your furniture, but what about cleaning the underside of your furniture too?  During winter, dust will build up under your furniture and you’ll be surprised how much dirt you can sweep or wipe off from underneath your couch or occasional chairs.
  4. Look up: Wipe the top of door frames, in between blinds, and above curtain rails. A house full of dust will aggravate allergic reactions and hay fever and these hard-to-reach places are often forgotten when dusting your home.
  5. Declutter: Go from room to room in your home and declutter while you clean. Once you’re done, move on to the next room so that you don’t have to come back again.
  6. Toilet: While this is a space that should be cleaned regularly, you want to take five minutes longer this time and make sure you give the throne a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom. Improve your environmental footprint this spring and save water by limiting your toilet flushing. We love using Organico – an alternative, odour-reducing toilet flushing solution – to keep the bathroom smelling fresh without having to flush every time.
  7. Shower: If you have a shower curtain, check for any mould build up within the creases.  Pop it into the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.  Always keep the shower curtain open so that it can dry completely.

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