Weekend read … with four of our favourite authors

We fancy a thriller, and these four deliver!

Top of our list of authors who get our adrenalin pumping is Chris Carter … and his latest release has just hit the bookshelves. Genesis is one of Carter’s Robert Hunter thrillers … and it has you terrified from start to finish. If you’ve read his books before, you’ll be rushing off to buy this one. For those who haven’t yet read any of his books … you’re in for a massive treat. But beware … he kicks off with a warning that the novel contains themes some readers may find upsetting. Simon and Schuster

Stephen Leather … king of action thrillers. In Dirty War, featuring the brave and fabulous Spider Shepherd, there’s a target … the Prime Minister. The killers … Hard-bitten jihadists with nothing to lose. And the only man who can stop them. Dan Spider Shepherd, obvs. Hodder and Stoughton

Tess Gerritsen books are as suspenseful as you can get … in the latest Rizzoli and Isles novel, Listen To Me, the detective and forensic pathologist pair investigate the gruesome murder of a well-respected nurse, while at the same time Rizzoli’s mum is investigating some strange, maybe dangerous, new neighbours. Penguin

Finally … three-in-one from John Grisham. Sparring Partners is a collection of three thrilling short stories of the law … Homecoming (a former lawyer and local legend, who stole money from clients, divorced his wife, filed for bankruptcy and disappeared, but who now needs help from an old friend), Strawberry Moon (a young death row inmate, hours away from execution and with no help from his lawyer or clemency possible, has one last request), and Sparring Partners (two lawyer brothers are running their father’s prosperous firm into the ground, and only one colleague can save the firm from ruin). All typical Grisham .. and with 350 million copies,  45 languages and 10 blockbuster films under his belt, typical Grisham is as good as it gets!

All available from exclusivebooks.co.za

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