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Watch: This local RS3-powered Tiguan R is a bonkers VW SUV

Nathaniel Rajesh's Volkswagen Tiguan R with an Audi RS3 five-pot engine stole the show at the recent Vdub CampFest.

The annual Vdub CampFest is the largest Volkswagen motor show in South Africa, bringing together Dubbers from all parts of Mzansi to display what could possibly be their most prized possessions. Showcasing modern Volkswagen’s to the timeless classics that have cemented the German automaker as a local favourite, today we will speak of the former – an RS3-powered Tiguan R that won best of show!

The Tiguan R is by no means a slow car. Underpinned by the same running gear as the venerable Golf R and employing an identical powertrain, it is capable of sprinting to 100km/h in just over five seconds courtesy of a clever 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. But 235kW and 400Nm of torque were not enough in the scenario of the best of show which outed the four-cylinder EA888 motor in favor of the shouty Audi RS3 five-cylinder. The model became an instant hit at the show!

Vdub CampFest provides a platform for car enthusiasts to hang out, network and talk all things cars, with the underlying theme of VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group). The two-day show is family-orientated and includes numerous convoys by supporters from the likes of Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Kimberley, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Vereeniging and Rustenburg.

Photo: Bodyline Auto

Now in its 13th year, Vdub CampFest is a highlight on the national social and motor industry calendar and is by far one of the most deep-rooted car meets we’ve ever seen. The first weekend of February has become the annual tradition to pay respect to unique Volkswagen creations, The event involves a renowned Show & Shine competition which features a variety of categories from over 400 contestants that are shortlisted to around 120 vehicles via pre-registration. The show normally establishes the best project cars in the country for the current year.

The level of competing vehicles at this event is arguably the most outstanding for the South African automotive scene. The ultimate ‘best of show’ winner receives a grand prize package that incorporates a trip to one of the largest international counterpart VAG motor shows. This year’s winner was a worthy one, without a doubt the best swap CampFest has ever seen. Nathaniel Rajesh brought out an extraordinary Volkswagen Tiguan R with an Audi RS3 five-pot engine, a complete show stopper and an immediate crowd favourite. The RS3-powered Tiguan was built by Bodyline Auto, one brand that is always present and proved to be consistent in the CampFest.

Photo: Bodyline Auto

The five-cylinder engine manufactured by the brand with the four rings has long since achieved legendary status and perfectly embodies the Audi DNA. The 2.5-litre engine is capable of producing 294kW of power and 500Nm of torque from the factory. The customised Tiguan R is not only powered by an RS3 but also features 22-inch Bentley rims adding a seamless touch of luxury to the vehicle which is capable of lowering and raising on air suspension at the touch of a button.

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