TC Radio Communications: “They put their staff first and made sure we were safe”

"Michelle and Victor supplied us with food and meats to make sure we didn’t have to leave the house unless it was an emergency"

Stonehaven-on-Vaal, in collaboration with Vaalweekblad and Ster, is currently hosting a competition for Vaal Triangle businesses to hear what plans they have made to deal with the Covid-19 Lockdown and how they came out stronger. The winning company will receive a gift voucher of R10 000 that can be used for a year-end party OR a 2021 Start-up party at Stonehaven! Here is TC Radio Communications’ entry:

Chantelle Burgher, a staff member of TC Radio Communications, tells more about the company’s challenges during Lockdown:

The TC Radio Communications team had 2 days to plan and finalize everything before going into hard lockdown, which was chaos. We were all scared as we did not know what life was going to be like locked in at home. Michelle du Toit and Victor Bronkhorst are the best bosses any company could ask for: They put the staff first and made sure we were safe and could survive during the hard lockdown.

Each staff member was given a portable radio to communicate with every day just to check in and make sure everyone is ok and still surviving. It was like a system they use on the farms for community watch, everyone checked in each day just to let each other know we’re all still o.k. Michelle and Victor also supplied us with food and meats to make sure we didn’t have to leave the house unless it was an emergency.

This helped a lot as no one was prepared mentally and financially for what was about to happen. Michelle made sure we all got full pay to support and feed our families during the pandemic, which means she sacrificed her salary if there was short on the pay that month. Which really helped a lot as some of our spouses were not receiving any income during the lockdown.

Once going back to work, our employers made sure their staff were 100% safe in the work place. They put their health and safety before the employees and still do. They would rather deal with walk-in clients than risk their staff catching the coronavirus.

I believe every company entering this competition deserves to win as we have all taken a big financial knock due to the coronavirus but It would be much appreciated if TC Radio Communications could win an opportunity like this so all the staff can celebrate not only a successful year despite the pandemic but also celebrate the fact that we are all still alive and healthy. Kind Regards Chantelle Burgher

* All Vaal Triangle companies are invited to enter the competition before October 20. Follow this link to find out how to enter:

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