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Cool career paths can be found in unexpected places

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa increased to 59.40% in the fourth quarter of 2023 from 58% in the third quarter of 2023, according to Statistics South Africa.

Chief Information Officer for Fidelity Services Group Vasco De Sousa believes it’s time for the youth to do their homework as ‘really cool’ opportunities and career paths can be found in unexpected places, like the security services sector.

Imagine creating autonomous security drones or robotic guards patrolling sensitive areas, or being able to use AI to predict security threats and enhance incident response, or being the software engineer who develops the ultimate secure solution to protect your company’s systems.

Sounds super GenZ, right? The possibilities are very exciting!

Think robotics and automation specialists, advanced camera and vision systems engineers, Artificial Intelligence experts, coding and software engineers, data analysts and scientists, Business Intelligence specialists and Internet of Things programmers.

Cybersecurity is a growing field too.

Chief Information Officer for Fidelity Services Group Vasco De Sousa.

Learners should remember the importance of technical subjects and computer-related courses as these help them to grasp the scientific principles of cybersecurity.

“There are really cool roles at Fidelity Services Group within the cybersecurity field that young people can explore, such as information security analyst, ethical hacker (penetration tester), security consultant and security software developer.”

 7 pieces of valuable advice for young people

1. Explore diverse roles

2. Pursue relevant degrees or certifications in fields like computer science, engineering, data science or security management.

3. Attend workshops, conferences and industry events to stay updated on emerging technologies and trends.

4. Gain practical experience through internships, co-op programmes and entry-level positions, or volunteer for security-related projects.

5. Connect with professionals in the industry through LinkedIn, industry associations, and local security events, and seek mentors.

6. Develop your soft skills as communication, problem-solving and adaptability are crucial.

7. Be ethical and trustworthy. Security work involves trust. Uphold high ethical standards and maintain confidentiality.

“The security services industry is diverse and will continue to evolve, leveraging AI, robotics and automation to enhance safety and mitigate risks.

Human expertise will remain essential, complemented by technological advancements.


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